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[Group picture]Health & Wellness Industry Exchange Conference for Member Countries of Belt & Road Initiative and BRICS    Hot     ★★★
Health & Wellness Industry Exchange Conference for Member Countries of Belt & Road Initiative and BRICS

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 On September 17, the Health & Wellness Industry Exchange Conference for Member Countries of Belt & Road Initiative and BRICS was held at the CMC Conference and Exhibition Center.

The Conference intended to introduce the current healthcare markets in Brazil and Eastern Europe, as well as the relevant policies and precautions in Brazil and Bulgaria, as an approach to promote the close cooperation between the member countries of the Belt & Road Initiative and the BRICS in the health & wellness industry. To attract high-quality pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers from Brazil and Bulgaria to deploy in Taizhou, the Conference also publicized the CMC and its investment incentives.

On the occasion, former Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Health Ilko Semerdjiev introduced the relations between China and Bulgaria and the prospects for cooperation in the health care industry; the Bulgarian guests shared the investment environment, the cosmetics industry and business opportunities in Bulgaria. Arthur Guimaraes, General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-China, Asia Region, presented the current status and trends in Brazil’s health food and cosmetics markets. In addition, Takis Kotis, representative of the Bio-innovation Center of the University of Cambridge, and Director of the Department for International Development of the National Health Service, the UK, and AToni Staykova, expert of the World Health Organization and the European Commission, delivered speeches titled “UkeMed - the combination of professional health services and the medical industry” and “The integration of Eastern and Western health industry” respectively.

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