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[Group picture]Ada Yonath: The prospect of China Medical City is promising    Hot     ★★★
Ada Yonath: The prospect of China Medical City is promising

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She is known as the “Madame Curie” of Israel, the fourth woman in the world to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. She is Ada Yonath. Gray hair, dressed in black, she looks just like a grandma in your neighborhood. Yesterday, the 80-year-old Nobel Prize winner spoke freely in front of the reporters, from biomedical research to health industry, from her lab personnel selection to Taizhou’s pharmaceutical industry development... A short conversation of 15 minutes was intermingled with both earnestness and humor.

Ada Yonath said that she likes China, and Taizhou as well. It was the first time for her to come to Taizhou, and to know about the local pharmaceutical industry. However, at this Medical Expo, seeing so many customers from all over the world travelling to Taizhou for business negotiation and cooperation, she was quite impressed by the investment environment and atmosphere here. As for the biomedical industry, China is a fast-growing and highly potential market. Combined with local government’s policy support and strong industrial synergy, the prospect of China Medical City is promising.

How to speed up drug development? Ada Yonath believes that the priority is to focus on innovation: When my lab recruits people, I don’t take the papers candidates have published as a standard, but pay more attention to their innovative thinking. In the future, the market share of global health industry will become increasingly large, which will be the same case in China. I really hope China could cultivate more professionals and generate more scientific research achievements in this field. In my opinion, Chinese researchers need to strengthen communication with foreign countries and keep abreast of latest innovative technologies, so as to drive their own research.

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