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AstraZeneca Taizhou Production Site will Open on January 7    Hot     ★★★
AstraZeneca Taizhou Production Site will Open on January 7

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Since the star of construction last year, the AstraZeneca CMC Production Site Project with a total investment of USD 230 million has made efficient progress under joint efforts from all sides, it is scheduled to open on January 7, 2014.

This project is an independent production site of AstraZeneca with the highest investment in the global context up till now, with a land area of 136 mu, total planned floor space of 111547 sqm, it focuses on the manufacture of intravenous injection products and oral solid tablets. At present, this project has constructed world top-class solid oral dosage production line with annual production of 6 billion pills, its sales will reach 6 billion yuan after start of production.

On December 16, the reporter once again came to the AstraZeneca Production Site, and found the site was clean and tidy, two giant plant houses radiated silver glimmer under the sky, the red AstraZeneca corporate logo on the exterior wall of the plant house appeared conspicuous and low-key.

“With high management standard, and fast construction speed, this project is an indisputable benchmark among projects under construction in CMC.” Chief person of the Planning & Construction Center of the Pharmaceutical Hi-tech Zone disclosed, since the start of construction in March last year, with joint efforts from the owner, project management company, supervisor unit, and constructor, while meeting challenging progress requirements, AstraZeneca Project Department achieved high standard safety and quality targets. At present, AstraZeneca’s engineering construction has entered winding up stage.

According to relevant chief persons of the Organization and HR Bureau of the Pharmaceutical Hi-tech Zone, in order to meet the needs of production kickoff, since the very beginning of the project construction, AstraZeneca had organized multiple special job fairs with assistance from the Hi-tech Zone’s Organization and HR Bureau, up till now it has recruited 170 talents, and organized professional pre-job training. In the future, AstraZeneca’s demand for talents will reach 600 persons.

According to industry insiders, AstraZeneca is one of the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide, and boasts leading position in digestion, cardiovascular, central nerve system, respiratory, tumor, anesthetics and anti infection fields, in 2012 its global sales reached USD 27.9 billion.

Taizhou Daily  December 18, 2013

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