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What is An Investor Concerned with?    Hot     ★★★
What is An Investor Concerned with?

Hu Xiang, Chairman of Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd

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[About the author]: Hu Xiang, graduate of bio chemistry and molecular biology specialty, he studied PhD degree at the Gothenburg University in Sweden, and post-doctoral research at the University of Britain Columbia in Canada.

Bio pharmaceutics is a sunrise industry. From the perspective of an investor, what is he concerned with?

Firstly, can the development of technology itself support a huge market? Take stem cell as an example, since Professor Thomson published an article in 1998, for many consecutive years it ranked in leading positions among world top ten scientific and technological accomplishments, each year there are breakthroughs in technology. What’s more, the number of published articles also witnessed rapid growth each year, in the entire bio pharmaceutics industry across the world, stem cell and regenerative medicine are the hottest topics, thousands and even ten thousands of research teams are making study, which lays down huge market foundation.

Secondly, how big a market this technology can bring? Take one of our recent achievements as an example, two years of research on liver cirrhosis by using stem cell for treatment has produced very good results. How many people are suffering from liver cirrhosis? Each year there are 5 to 6 million newly discovered patients worldwide, and 2 million die of liver cirrhosis. The only method today is liver transplant, each year there are only 4000 liver transplant receivers in China. Stem cell also has produced preliminary results for diabetes treatment. Whereas the biggest and most closely watched and anticipated application field is anti aging. We all know many of the population receive injection of sheep placenta extract, today we can use human stem cell to secrete human placenta extract, therefore from the market perspective, it will create a huge market.

Thirdly, for one big field to acquire development, apart from technology, what else is needed? Of course it’s talent and capital. Nowadays both of them are available in China. Policies and regulations play a crucial role in capital flow. Capital has no boundary, what it chases is sustainable development. Capital will go to where the investment environment is better. Last year, 125 new enterprises landed in CMC, and there are 180 industrialization projects under construction, these figures provide powerful evidence about the law of capital flow.

Taizhou Daily Page 3 2014-03-03

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