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Catching A Glimpse of Asia’s Biggest Cell Resource Storage Bank    Hot     ★★★
Catching A Glimpse of Asia’s Biggest Cell Resource Storage Bank

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According to results of medical research, infant umbilical cord, umbilical cord blood and placenta contain premium stem cell resources, these stem cells possess special functions to repair and regenerate human cells and tissues. If these stem cells are stored at the birth time of an infant, in the days to come when he or she is ill they can be taken out as “seed cell”, and they can be used in clinical treatment of diseases through cell thawing, amplification, and test.

Bill Gates once predicted that in the future, companies that can surpass Microsoft would emerge in the bio pharmaceutical field.

Hu Xiang, founder of Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd, very much agrees with this view, he said without mincing words that Beike Biotechnology represents this “future”.

The First in Main land to Pass USA AABB Certification

In 2008, Beike Biotechnology kicked off the construction of Jiangsu Province Stem Cell Bank in CMC, in 2009 it formally opened to the public to offer cell resource storage service.

Walking into the Jiangsu Province Stem Cell Bank, the reporter saw an elevator only half size of an adult’s height between 1F and 2F. “This elevator only carries stem cells, stem cells prepared on 2F are shipped by this elevator to 1F for refrigeration.” Liu Lefeng, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Beike, told us, up till now, Jiangsu Province Stem Cell Bank has put 7 big freezers into use, stem cell storage volume has grown from the initial 2012 units to surpass 20,000 units, making it the largest cell resource storage bank in Asia.

In addition, in the steps of stem cell extraction, separation, and preparation, Jiangsu Province Stem Cell Bank also realized fully automatic technological processing first in the industry.

Inside the Preparation Center Lab on 2F, rows of totally purple AXP fully automatic stem cell separation equipment in the size of tea cup are particularly conspicuous. These “tea cups” are placed on the work bench to conduct fully automatic separation of stem cells directly, the separation of each unit of stem cell only needs 40 minutes.

“These 15 ‘tea cups’ alone cost 20 million yuan.” Liu Lefeng said, these equipments are designed and invented by very professional companies in the industry, they can not only separate stem cell in fully sealed environment, so as to minimize pollution, but also improve stem cell recycling rate to over 97%.

In the global context, there are a total of over 400 stem cell banks worldwide, only 60 or so stem cell banks have passed internationally recognized US AABB certification. Jiangsu Province Stem Cell Bank is the first stem cell bank in the Mainland China to be awarded US AABB certification.

“This marks a milestone incident in the history of China’s stem cell undertakings and industry walking toward globalization, it will greatly improve China’s stem cell storage quality and management standard, and fulfill compliance with international standard.” said Pei Gang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of the National Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance.

Significant Breakthrough in Treating Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

In March this year, Beike Biotechnology made a key breakthrough in the clinical research of treating refractory systemic Lupus erythematosus with human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell.

“This research is jointly carried out in cooperation with multiple research units including the Gulou Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing University.” said Liu Muyun, Executive President of Beike Biotechnology; the theses based on summary of clinical research results was published on world famous academic journal “Arthritis Research & Therapy” in March, it soon triggered extensive repercussion in the global context.

According to industry insiders, this research began in as early as 2009, by adopting the approach of openness, before and after self control study, and multiple center research design, it carried out clinical research in 40 cases of refractory Lupus erythematosus patients. Results of clinical research spanning up to 4 years indicate that patients after receiving stem cell treatment demonstrated improvement to certain degree in the aspect of albumin, self immune antibody.

“In the understanding of many people, stem cell is only applied in the treatment of leukemia, in fact that’s not the case.” Liu Muyun said, stem cells can be used to treat as many as more than 10 kinds of diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, Lupus erythematosus, mid to late stage liver cirrhosis, childhood autism etc which still cannot be cured by modern medical technologies. The development of stem cell and regenerative medicine will bring hope to people to live a healthier and longer life.

Up till now, in the stem cell clinical research field, Beike Biotechnology has provided clinical grade somatic stem cell standardization preparation technology support to over 70 medical institutions both at home and abroad, and has accumulated the world’s biggest safety and validity databank with the most complete range of data on stem cell clinical research, it has made preparations to build stem cell banks in India and Thailand, and carried out clinical transformation research cooperation in countries and regions such as Malaysia, Panama, Hungary and the Middle East, established standardized cell preparation centers and clinical research centers.

Clinical Registration Application Enters National Evaluation Procedure

On May 14, Beike Biotechnology’s application for umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell clinical registration formally entered the review and evaluation procedure of the Center for Drug Evaluation of the State Food and Drug Administration.

“This signified that Beike Biotechnology has moved an important step toward stem cell product upgrading and enterprise upgrading!” Hu Xiang said, stem cell is a kind of cell with the potentials of self duplication and multi-directional differentiation, under certain cultivation conditions, it is able to differentiate into multiple functional cells, and even grow into cornea, fat, skeletal muscle, neuron, and β cell that can secrete insulin, for which it is praised by the medical circle as “omnipotent cell”.

In 2013, the State Drug and Food Administration relaxed control on stem cell registration application, which indicated that the state government’s management on stem cell will become increasingly standardized regularized, enterprises with the strength to carry out R&D and registration application will upgrade into key pharmaceutical enterprises through product transformation of stem cell, those small non-standard enterprises with no strength and no technology will be eliminated mercilessly since they can no longer fish in troubled waters, so to speak, stem cell R&D enterprises will soon experience “polarization” effect.

Since its inception in 2005, Beike Biotechnology has been dedicated to pushing forward clinical transformation of cell treatment technology, since the beginning of its setup it has begun to establish umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell cultivation system, and carried out systematic research, today it has received preliminary results.

“Up till now, the number of hospitals which have signed formal agreement with Beike Biotechnology to carry out stem cell treatment business has topped 30. Cases of stem cell clinical research have grown to more than 9000 cases.” Hu Xiang disclosed, in the recent several years Beike Biotechnology maintained consecutive profit-earning records, for which it has received high level of concern from domestic and overseas venture capitals. As a bio hi-tech enterprises dedicated to cell technology services including stem cell storage, preparation, research and transformation, Beike Biotechnology has occupied world leading position in the cell treatment clinical research and transformation field.

Taizhou Daily  Page A3 May 26, 2014

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